Three Pillars: The 2015 Lincoln MKC Design

2015 Lincoln MKC

This summer, the 2015 Lincoln MKC will go on sale. We are expecting to have them in our inventory within the next several weeks, but recently Leith Lincoln had an MKC in our showroom for just one day. While our staff attended a sales training session, we had a chance to go hands-on with the all new model, the one that has everyone so excited.

2015 Lincoln MKC

There are plenty of good reasons for the enthusiasm surrounding this car. The biggest reason is one you will hear a lot when you’re reading the literature that will inevitably follow in its wake: The MKC is the first pure Lincoln automobile. Since the rebirth of the Lincoln Motor Company, this is the first vehicle produced with a dedicated Lincoln design and engineering team. You can see traces of that team’s influence in the MKZ, as they were brought on near the end of that car’s development, but the MKC has been produced entirely with their vision in mind. It adheres to the three pillars of Lincoln excellence. Those pillars are design, quality, and personal service.

We’ll start by looking at design. The vehicle’s captivating style takes cues from modern architecture, and the finished product embodies elegance in motion inside and out. Having seen the car up close, we can say that it has our favorite version of the Lincoln split-wing grille to date. Raised lines on the hood curve down and in, following a ridge on the grille’s feathers all the way down to the lower fascia. Another set of lines follows the top edge of the grille and headlights and flows straight along the side of the car, fading in the middle and then picking up immediately again as you approach the rear. Each line has a distinct purpose. They are artistic, but also athletic.

2015 Lincoln MKC pedastal mirror

Function follows form, as the MKC’s figure lends itself to superiority on the road. This is the only small premium utility vehicle that you will find with Active Grille Shutters, a standard feature. Signature LED daytime running lights make the vehicle recognizable by day and provide accents for the HID headlamps by night. The pedestal side mirrors look elegant and provide added aerodynamics, decreasing turbulence past the window, and the vehicle’s wide stance is accentuated by sculpted body panels and rich shadow points.

2015 Lincoln MKC rear three quarter low

What is probably our favorite feature of the MKC’s exterior is its wrap-around clamshell tailgate. This stunning posterior panel is possible thanks to the use of a one-piece hydroformed metal design. It extends around the corners of the vehicle and allows for uninterrupted LED taillights.

2015 Lincoln MKC center stack

Inside, the designers made use of exquisite materials to give the interior space the texture of luxury. We’ll touch on those materials more when we discuss the quality pillar, but for now we want to mention how practical the MKC is inside. We noticed how well-lit the space is thanks to available accent lighting, as well as the optional vista roof. Even the front doors’ windows extend to the normally opaque flag portion, bringing in additional daylight. The center stack houses a touchscreen infotainment display that uses MyLincoln Touch and Sync technology, as well as simple buttons and dials for the climate controls below.

Finally, the MKC has the first execution of the all-new Lincoln steering wheel. Sitting in the driver’s seat with our hands on the wheel, we appreciated the thicker circumference, designed for a more comfortable, natural grip. Euro-style stitching makes it feel seamless when compared to the traditional “baseball stitch” of more common steering wheels. Thumb buttons are arranged in a sensible manner for easy navigation of the vehicle’s display panels and menus.

Stay tuned to the Leith Lincoln blog to read about the next pillar and more news about the 2015 Lincoln MKC.

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