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Long Live Lincoln: $5 Billion Investment in New Platform

In the spirit of Halloween, let’s tell a scary story. The United States is in a period of extended economic decline. The market is in freefall. The automotive industry is crashing harder than a six-year-old that just ate all of their Halloween candy in one night. Something has to be done. Auto groups start dropping […]

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NC State Fair ferris wheel

Leith Does the North Carolina State Fair

The North Carolina State Fair begins this Thursday, and people will be traveling from all over the state to experience the fun, food, and festivities. No one is going to enjoy themselves nearly as much as you are, though. Others will overeat, overspend, and generally overexpose themselves to all that the fair is. Much as […]

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MKC Ads Carry a Sense of Weight, Humor

Given our rhetoric, you can probably understand that the 2015 MKC is a very important car for Lincoln Motor Company. There’s only so many times that we can call it the first pure Lincoln before the point gets across. Lincoln is counting on the three pillared approach of the MKC – Design, Quality, and Personal […]

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