Artisans of Lincoln Imbue the 2016 MKX with “Harmonious Tension”

Quality is all about execution. That’s what Lincoln’s artisans have kept in mind while designing the 2016 MKX.

Lead interior designer, Jim Smithbauer, says his team wanted to imbue the MKX with a certain “harmonious tension.” Within, there’s a balance of comfort and practicality that Lincoln’s designers are especially proud of. Passengers experience an open environment that provides plenty of space for people and their belongings, with storage integrated seamlessly into the architecture.

Of course there’s a wide-range of cutting edge technology involved in crafting an interior like this. A multi-function steering wheel, touchscreen display, and wireless integration give the driver all the tools necessary to shape the space to their liking. Front seat passengers can also enjoy the available 22-way multicontour seats, bedecked in Bridge of Weir Deepsoft leather.

Smithbauer also talks about the intangibles, though. Yes, you can control climate, navigation, and media with ease, but how do the buttons feel when you push them? Do the knobs have a positive tactile feel? This leather was soaked for fifteen hours, but does the stitching feel authentic? These are the kinds of questions he and the other designers ask, much more so than an exterior designer. The way a car looks is an important, but when it comes to the interior space, the way a car makes its passengers feel is of the utmost concern.

When that harmonious tension succeeds, when all of those factors coalesce and even out, the effect is almost magical. We can’t wait to experience it for ourselves when the 2016 MKX arrives later this year. Until then, you can find more information on this model on Lincoln’s official website, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated here as well. Leith Lincoln is proud to serve the Raleigh area.

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