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Horsepower vs. Torque: A No Numbers Explanation

First of all, we’re not going to do any math. Or science. No math or science. This is a numbers-free space. We’re just not going to do it, and you can’t make us. We will apply a Seinfeldian linguistic analysis, however (don’t worry, it will only take a moment). Ahem: What’s the deal with torque? […]

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How to Calculate MPG: How Fuel Efficient Are You?

We’ve syndicated this post from the Leith Cars Blog to help answer a frequently asked question. You’ve probably noticed the long, laborious disclaimer that shows up any time someone mentions a car’s MPG. You know, the whole spiel about how these numbers are based on EPA regulated testing and actual mileage depends on your personal […]

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Behind the Wheel: The 2015 Lincoln Navigator

We were leaving work last week when we saw it, parked outside our office: a 2015 Lincoln Navigator. It was sitting there, alone in the wild, seemingly unattended. After a few moments, the signature LED lighting came on and the Lincoln welcome mat shone on the ground by the driver’s door. We watched the owner […]

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Meet the Leith Lincoln Staff

Recently the Leith videographer stopped by our dealership to capture a video introduction for our sales staff. We want to share these videos with you now. You can watch the playlist below to meet: General Sales Manager, Travis Johnson Business Manager, Brian Stevens Sales Consultant, Carl Banks Sales Consultant, Dennis Goodwin Sales Consultant, Henry Collazo […]

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2015 NAIAS: The 2016 Lincoln MKX

After enjoying its golden days as a concept car, the next Lincoln MKX finally reached maturity at this week’s North American International Auto Show. No doubt you’ll immediately notice the resemblance to the MKC, a testament to the reach of Lincoln’s latest design language. You might even need to see them side by side to […]

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