Slipping into Place: The New Lincoln Contintental

The Continental is a storied name within Lincoln’s mythology. The top brass has guarded it closely, and like the pharaohs of old, it’s not something to be resurrected without thought.

Yet looking back at the cars that have been called Continental, you can tell there was something different. Truly it’s a car that belongs to another age with callously long hoods and uninterrupted siding. Plus there were the suicide doors. Autoblog put together a full gallery of the Continental as it has appeared over the years, which we recommend for a proper perspective on this new one.

And this is certainly a new Continental. People have had a lot to say about its design this week. It’s true, this car might be nostalgic for a time that it has never known, but that doesn’t mean it’s been born into the wrong era. We think this car will play a large part in the shape of things to come.

Michael Balaban of Jalopnik says regardless of what the car looks like on the outside, the inside hearkens back to a bygone age of opulence. “Whimsy” is the word he uses to describe the fold-out tray tables, the 30-way adjustable rear seats, and the slippers. Yes, the slippers.

Brandon Turkus back at Autoblog also wants to remind you about the materials used within. The seats are Venetian leather with Alcantara inserts, the headliner is satin, the carpeting is wool. There are attache cases attached to the back of each seat, and the center armrest has a compartment meant for keeping your champagne cool.

The old Continentals had an ineluctable sense of style, but the new Continental is nothing short of palatial. Will you be content to follow us forward, or would you actually like to ride in the vanguard?

At Leith Lincoln, we know where we’ll be.

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