Matthew McConaughey Returns for A Short Film in the 2016 Lincoln MKX

As a brand, Lincoln has long sought inspiration from artists when crafting its products. This tradition has a longstanding counterpoint of Lincoln automobiles inspiring artists in return. So it has been, and so it is with the new Lincoln MKX crossover.

Matthew McConaughey Returns to Drive the 2016 MKX: “The Feeling Stays With You”

After his performance in the widely viewed – and widely parodied – series of ads for the Lincoln MKC small crossover and the Lincoln MKZ sedan, Matthew McConaughey is continuing his relationship with the motor company.

Directed by acclaimed director Gus Van Sant, this new series of ads tells a story in three parts, abiding by the theme of “The Feeling Stays With You.”

Over the course of the series, the viewer follows McConaughey through a night out, culminating in a high stakes game of poker between three other characters. These characters – the Music Lover, the Collector, and the Athlete – have their own stories that you can see for yourself on Lincoln’s website. If you forgo them, you’ll never find out which character is actually Swiss.

The ads also make sure to show off features of the 2016 MKX that Lincoln is particularly proud of. There’s the Lincoln “Welcome Mat” lighting, the 360-degree camera, the Revel Audio System, and the 22-way multi-contour front seats, all available on the new model.

Matthew McConaughey had this to say about his performance:

“What appeals to me about this new series of ads is that while the overall Lincoln message remains consistent, the way it is delivered continues to evolve. It’s exciting to have the freedom to explore and create new narratives.”

See the ad in short film form, “The Winning Hand,” below.

Six Artists Chase Clarity with the Lincoln MKX 360-Degree Camera

What can you achieve when given the ability to see all around you?

That’s what Lincoln asked six artists on a trip to the White Sands National Park in New Mexico, driving a new Lincoln MKX equipped with the 360-degree camera. The camera – a network of them, in fact – gives the driver views all around the vehicle. Forward, behind, left, right, and even above the MKX are revealed with this new safety feature.

Yet for those artists tasked, it doesn’t just provide safety, but also clarity of place, purpose, and being. These were photographers, poets, and film-makers, and they end up asking more questions than they answer. View a short film below, and read more about their experience with the 360-degree camera on the 2016 MKX when you read the article on Lincoln Now.

Leith Lincoln is happy to say that we have a full inventory of 2016 Lincoln MKX models at our dealership now. Deal yourself in when you schedule a test drive today, and one of our sales associates will be more than happy to show you this inspiring new model when you next visit our showroom in Raleigh.

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