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How the Seats Work in the New Lincoln Continental

When it was revealed in April at the 2015 New York Auto Show, the Lincoln Continental Concept created quite a stir. Here was a return to Lincoln’s legacy of old, the rebirth of a nameplate and perhaps the reclamation of a time-honored prestige. The car is stunning, inside and out, yet one feature has earned […]

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Slipping into Place: The New Lincoln Contintental

The Continental is a storied name within Lincoln’s mythology. The top brass has guarded it closely, and like the pharaohs of old, it’s not something to be resurrected without thought. Yet looking back at the cars that have been called Continental, you can tell there was something different. Truly it’s a car that belongs to […]

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Matthew McConaughey in the 2015 Lincoln MKZ

All right, all right, all right, he’s back. You didn’t think Lincoln would sign on one of the biggest actors of the present to talk about one car, did you? Matthew McConaughey is once again promoting Lincoln vehicles, and this time he’s got a beard. Did you know that Matthew McConaughey can control the weather? […]

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2014 Lincoln MKS

Behind the Wheel of the 2014 Lincoln MKS

There’s a scene in the cable TV drama Mad Men where a woman asks her father about his drive up to see them. He responds with one of the best finger-snaps we’ve ever seen: “In the Lincoln? *snaps fingers* Like that!” Pow! Such gravitas! It’s an action both aggressive and illustrative. The crack of finger […]

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