How the Seats Work in the New Lincoln Continental

When it was revealed in April at the 2015 New York Auto Show, the Lincoln Continental Concept created quite a stir. Here was a return to Lincoln’s legacy of old, the rebirth of a nameplate and perhaps the reclamation of a time-honored prestige. The car is stunning, inside and out, yet one feature has earned more scrutiny and questioning than any other.

People have been asking, and now we have an answer for the question: how do you design seats that adjust in 30 different ways?

It’s easier to show you.

We’re essentially looking at the most sophisticated chair ever installed in a motor vehicle. The back rest is made up of three segments including the headrest, all of which are adjustable. The headrest itself can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, and the back cushions can be fitted to your preferred curvature.

As for the seat portion, you’ll have the normal up and down, backward and forward options. Lincoln has also added in adjustable segments for those who favor one side, or perhaps for those who live with a condition that necessitates extra support on one half of their body. The seat can be adjusted based on the needs of each thigh.

It’s not demonstrated in the video, but we can assume that seat firmness and lumbar support are also included. What we really want to see after watching this video is the button console that has to control all of these mechanisms.

The new Lincoln Continental is one of our most anticipated vehicles, so we will be sure to bring you more information when we have it. Until then, Leith Lincoln is happy to answer any questions you might have about our brand. Call or visit our website to arrange a meeting with one of our brand ambassadors. We’re looking forward to your next visit.

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