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Behind the Wheel: The 2015 Lincoln Navigator

We were leaving work last week when we saw it, parked outside our office: a 2015 Lincoln Navigator. It was sitting there, alone in the wild, seemingly unattended. After a few moments, the signature LED lighting came on and the Lincoln welcome mat shone on the ground by the driver’s door. We watched the owner […]

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2015 Lincoln Navigator: Enhanced and Refined

With word that an all-new Navigator will be coming sometime in the 2017 model year, it can be easy to overlook how excited we are for the 2015 Navigator that will be arriving in our showroom soon. In many ways, the Navigator created the luxury SUV segment, and it has remained in the Lincoln lineup […]

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2015 Navigator

The 2015 Navigator: More Than a Facelift

Our blog isn’t the only thing that’s gotten a refresh lately. The journalists keep saying that the 2015 Navigator has only gotten a facelift or an overhaul. They say that nothing has changed. Rest assured, Lincoln’s full-sized SUV has changed, and it’s all for the better. Have you ever thought of the Navigator as a […]

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2015 Navigator Update

The Chicago Auto Show is happening this week, and as we previously posted, the 2015 Lincoln Navigator is making its entrance to the auto world there. Reports are bringing in a few minor details that we didn’t have two weeks ago. As you know, the new Nav has a redesigned exterior with Lincoln’s split-wing grille […]

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