The 2015 Navigator: More Than a Facelift

Our blog isn’t the only thing that’s gotten a refresh lately. The journalists keep saying that the 2015 Navigator has only gotten a facelift or an overhaul. They say that nothing has changed. Rest assured, Lincoln’s full-sized SUV has changed, and it’s all for the better.

2015 Navigator

Have you ever thought of the Navigator as a covered wagon? Lincoln has. It’s the vehicle of pioneers, explorers who want to travel the country and discover new places, new peoples. Wagons were marked by their spaciousness, their comforts, and most of all the powerful horses pulling them across the continent.

The biggest change for the new Navigator is its twin-turbo EcoBoost V-6 engine. Navs have always had V-8s, but in this age, bigger isn’t necessarily better, particularly when the EcoBoost engine gives it better efficiency and more power than any previous Navigator. Now the 2015 Navigator will add capability to the power and beauty of its predecessors.

The front and rear of the refreshed vehicle are the most distinctive updates, sure to recapture an identity that has bled out, inspiring a whole cavalcade of pretenders. Twenty-inch wheels now come standard, and the Navigator now has best-in-class towing among luxury SUVs. The Lincoln Welcome Mat security approach lamps will also make sure you don’t get lost in the dark.

2015 Navigator

It’s hard to believe this model is only seventeen years old, and yet this feature on Lincoln Now traces the rich history of the Navigator back to its beginning. By now, it’s blazed many trails. Most of the roads are already paved, but at Lincoln, they know there will always be new paths to travel and fresh fields to run through. There are always greener pastures to find, so long as you have a Navigator to get you there.

For questions about the 2015 Lincoln Navigator’s availability, please stop by Leith Lincoln any day of the week.

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