MKC Ads Carry a Sense of Weight, Humor

Given our rhetoric, you can probably understand that the 2015 MKC is a very important car for Lincoln Motor Company. There’s only so many times that we can call it the first pure Lincoln before the point gets across. Lincoln is counting on the three pillared approach of the MKC – Design, Quality, and Personal Service – to carry them forward and to reclaim lost prestige. Not only that, but at its investor’s meeting this week, Ford announced that it will be investing $2.5 billion into Lincoln with the goal of moving three hundred thousand cars by 2020.

As the beginning of that huge push, the MKC has a lot riding on it; hence, the high caliber advertising campaign you’ve probably seen. You know, the ads starring Matthew McConoughey (True Detective, Mud, The Lincoln Lawyer) and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Bronson). They have a weighty, serious tone to them, a tone that is befitting the purpose of this car.

It’s also the kind of tone that comedians love to spoof.

Sense of humor is important, which is why we wanted to bring your attention to some of our favorite parodies of Lincoln’s In The Moment campaign. Conan O’Brien immediately jumped at the chance to combine some of the McConaughey’s dialogue from the actual ad with one of his more famous monologues from last spring’s HBO hit True Detective. We have to admit his delivery in the commercials is eerily reminiscent of Detective Rustin Cole’s nihilistic ramblings. Still, the message from the real ad couldn’t be more different – when talking about the MKC, one should feel nothing but hope.

Then there’s this extended cut courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres, who had to wonder why she was edited out of the final version of “The Bull.” While she provides some much needed context for McConoughey’s stare down with ol’ Cyrus, she kind of takes away from the gravitas of the confrontation, especially when she cues up “Turn Down for What.”

These are the best spoofs we’ve seen, but there have to be more out there. Link us your favorite MKC parody in the comments below. If you would prefer to come by and test-drive the new Lincoln instead, we understand. Just visit us at Leith Lincoln in Raleigh. We’ll be waiting.

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