Lincoln Black Label

We want to take a moment to touch on something that’s coming later this year. It’s an opportunity that is both new and old. It’s unique, special, and exclusive, but it’s being offered to everyone. It’s an experience that encapsulates and goes beyond your relationship with your car.

It’s Lincoln Black Label.

Announced in the fall of 2013, Black Label is the next phase of reinvention for Lincoln Motor Company. The goal is to combine ultra-premium materials, flawless execution, and unparalleled service into one automotive experience. It takes these founding elements of Lincoln’s philosophy and carries them to a higher level.

Lincoln wants Black Label to be about storytelling. Customers should know where their vehicle began so they can better decide where it ends up. That’s why Lincoln will guide its Black Label clients through every step of the process, giving them three themes to choose from, each with its own narrative.

First, there is Center Stage, a theatrically inspired outfit meant for “the most expressive clients.” The interior weaves together Jet Black upholstery, a Foxfire Red headliner, and Alcantera texture accents, all to give the client a feel of opening night in the theatre.

Second is Indulgence, the most savory theme. Mixing rich colored Venetian leathers like Ganache and Truffle, this interior has depth for a real sensory seating. Ziricote wood accents punctuate the intensely natural vibe of this package.

Finally, Modern Heritage brings poise and refined aesthetic to the lineup. It features a classic black-and-white interior with up-to-date red accents and metal-flaked wood trim.

Black Label represents Lincoln’s highest offering of personal luxury, and it signals a return to the days when Lincoln’s bespoke cars were the favorite of those with unique, sophisticated taste. The difference between then and now is that Black Label is available to all clients.

The Black Label experience is set to launch later this year, and we will have more exact details then. For the time, Black Label options will only be available for the MKZ, but in time it will be available for every car in Lincoln’s lineup. Read the full press release on the Lincoln Media Center and for questions, please leave a comment or speak to one of us at Leith Lincoln.

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