2014 LA Auto Show: Lincoln details Black Label program

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Several months ago, we wrote a post about the Lincoln Black Label program, but we didn’t have the full story. Originally announced at Pebble Beach in 2013, it’s taken more than a year to iron out the details, but as of last week, they are here. Lincoln displayed several Black Label models at the Los Angeles Auto Show and outlined the full ownership package.

Initially, Black Label will be available to MKZ and MKC owners. Clients will be able to choose from four bespoke themes – the three themes we discussed in our original post and a new addition called Oasis. The program is available only in select states currently, but Lincoln will be expanding the list of states in the future as it also expands availability to all models in its lineup.

Even more than the upscale vehicle design and quality, Black Label is about personal service. The experience begins as soon as a client expresses interest in the program. A brand ambassador works directly with the client, even coming to their home if desired, to explain the available themes and perks.

lincoln dealer raleigh

A four year or fifty-thousand mile maintenance program comes with the Black Label vehicle that covers not only routine procedures like oil changes but also shocks, belts, hoses, brake pads, wiper blades, and spark plugs. Client vehicles will also be given an annual detailing and are eligible for free car washes at any Lincoln dealership. What may be even more attractive to prospective clients is the ability to never set foot in a dealership themselves. A representative will drive to their home, leave a free loaner vehicle, and return the client’s car once any service is completed.

The Black Label program is truly one of a kind in terms of scope and satisfaction. Our personal favorite touch is the subtlety of the vehicles. Unlike other brands that cover their premium vehicles with special badges, the only exterior indication that a car is Black Label will be a single black letter – the C or the Z – in the name plate.

To read the complete details of the Black Label program and to see a video and pictures about these special Lincoln automobiles, we welcome you to read the full press release. Leith Lincoln hopes to be included on the expanded list of Black Label dealerships in the future, and until then we will remain your faithful Lincoln dealer in Raleigh.

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