The 2015 MKC: Sound


This week, Leith Lincoln would like to showcase some of the finer points of a car that we are all very excited about. We present to you Lincoln’s first luxury crossover, the 2015 MKC.

As we near the end of the week, we want to talk about the sound within the MKC. Lincoln knows that mere acoustic dampening isn’t enough for owners of their cars. Tranquility is something that must be created. As such, the MKC utilizes active noise control, a system involving microphones placed under the hood and in the cabin to record and analyze noise, digitally invert it via sensor, and then play back an opposing wave to cancel that noise out.

With that taken care of, you’ll be able to enjoy the THX II Certified Audio System. To delineate, there are three slot speakers on the dashboard, two bass speakers in the front doors, two tweeters in the rear doors, and two surround speakers in the trunk area. With a total of fourteen speakers, the MKC creates a veritable symphony for you to enjoy.

The 2015 MKC will arrive on showroom floors next summer. If you’re interested in this vehicle, leave a comment, email us at, or contact us at Leith Lincoln.

The 2015 MKC: Sound was last modified: December 29th, 2014 by Leith Lincoln


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