Help Leith Lincoln Spread the Name You Can Trust

As the oldest member of the Leith family, Leith Lincoln knows the value of a good word. In the beginning, we were the only Leith dealership in Raleigh and we had to rely on word-of-mouth advertising to tell people about the name you can trust. That’s why we’re asking for your help, but first, an example.

This review comes courtesy of Eric J of Watertown, NY. His is the featured review on Leith Lincoln’s page. Eric writes:

“I worked with [Henry Collazo]. He was honest and prompt with communication. He helped me arrange my travel plans, offered to pick me up from the airport (I flew down from Upstate NY) and made sure all of the paperwork was done ahead of time. I was in and out in 30 minutes to begin my journey home. The delivery was well done, the car was perfectly polished and the pictures accurately represented the car.”

Clearly the Leith reputation reaches far and wide for Eric to have heard of us all the way up in New York. Of course it helps that our inventory is priced “better than any other dealer!” The exceptional and professional staff at Leith Lincoln helped seal the deal as the sales associate was able to cater to Eric’s every need. This experience is just one example of the business we do every day over on Capital Boulevard.

Yet the page for Leith Lincoln is fairly quiet, along with many other review sites. If you have had a positive experience at Leith Lincoln, either in the sales or service departments, we want to hear from you. All of our customers are encouraged to leave a review on any of the applicable websites. That includes our Facebook, Google+,, Edmunds, and Yelp pages. Help us spread our name and reputation just like we used to, and let everyone know Leith Lincoln is the name you can trust.

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