“Aviator, You are Cleared for Takeoff”

Liberating, that feeling you get as you’re flying through the clouds at 30,000 feet, comfortably ensconced in your first-class cabin chair. Now, you can feel that same rush of freedom and serenity on the blacktop, cruising along I-40 in command of your Lincoln Aviator. “You are cleared for takeoff.”

The Lincoln Motor Company is on a roll; introducing “next level” SUVs like the all-new Lincoln Navigator, the upcoming Lincoln Nautilus and now, introducing an all-new mid-size, three-row luxury SUV known as “Aviator.”

2019 Lincoln Aviator

From the Aviator’s signature Lincoln star mesh front grill to the chrome garnishing along the upper trailing edge of each fender, this is a luxury SUV from stem to stern as only Lincoln can build.

You start with a strong unibody platform that utilizes a rear-wheel drive layout as standard. An optional plug-in hybrid V6 will be available, possibly fed by twin-turbochargers and an all-wheel-drive system.

You see, this all-new Lincoln Aviator is technically a “concept” but unlike most concept vehicles seen at auto shows; the Lincoln Aviator’s sheet metal is already stamped for mass production. This is as real as a concept or pre-production vehicle gets. You will see this new Aviator launch in 2019 and if the Lincoln Navigator is any indication of the demand for such a luxurious three-row SUV, you might want to start camping-out at Leith Lincoln to be the first in line.

2019 Lincoln Aviator

Just look at that profile, stunning. The 2019 Lincoln Aviator is every bit the luxury SUV you expect it to be but even better. It’s a study in rolling elegance with its beautifully sculpted turbine styled alloy wheels, flowing sheet metal that rises at a gradual peak above the front wheels, then glides gracefully back along the vehicle’s beltline until it meets the wraparound taillights.

Perhaps one of the most striking design elements on the new Aviator is the fixed door handle found at each entry point. Similar in execution on the new Lincoln Continental, the Aviator’s handles only require a slight touch to unlock and begin opening each door automatically. The handle remains fixed in place as you take grasp of it to pull the door open, towards you or your passenger. To shut each door, simply hold the handle as you gently push it to a close. The Aviator’s sensors then take over, closing the door for you, quietly cinching it tight.

2019 Lincoln Aviator

A touch of elegance greets you before entering the Lincoln Aviator’s cabin. You’ll see the famous Lincoln Star, illuminated on the tarmac to help guide you and your passengers into the interior.

Here you will find a Lincoln level of serenity. The steering wheel, dash, and seats wrapped in sumptuous, stitched leather and highlighted by aircraft-looking metallic trim panels. There’s a solid quality to the touch and feel of each control, each piece has been thoughtfully designed with you and your passengers in mind. This is a cabin for today’s modern, connected world while taking cues from a golden age of travel and exploration. The best part now is, you get to chart your own course for adventure and define your own golden age of travel in the new Lincoln Aviator.

Explore the Lincoln Motor Company and look for updates on the upcoming 2019 Lincoln Aviator at Leith Lincoln in Raleigh. Our dealership is conveniently located at 7900 Capital Boulevard just north of I-540 and Triangle Town Center. Make your way over and check out our great selection of new and pre-owned vehicles. We look forward to seeing you!

By Mark Arsen for Leith Lincoln

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