2017 MKZ Includes Continental-Design, New V6 Engine, Focus RS Chassis, and More

2017 lincoln mkz front

Lincoln showed off the 2017 MKZ at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, and it’s clear that it’s packing as many upgrades into its mid-cycle refresh as it possibly can. This is only the fourth year of the current-generation MKZ. However, it’s clear that Lincoln is not resting on its laurels.

In an effort to make the MKZ more of a substantial upgrade over the Ford Fusion, its scaled-down version, the 2017 MKZ is getting a sleeker nose that resembles the new, ultra-luxe Continental. Gone is the split-grille that has defined Lincoln of late. The MKZ shares the Continental’s single-face grille that resembles another luxury sedan, the Jaguar XJ.


Under that sleek hood lies a new, twin-turbo V6 engine capable of producing 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. Those are monster numbers for a car of this light weight.

That power is coupled to a new, all-wheel drive system found in the much-lauded Ford Focus RS. This system sends more power to the rear wheels when cornering hard, which in turn rotates the car without sending the rear end loose. The effect is an increased ability to turn at higher speeds and generally feels like an asphalt-consuming deity.


You can also solidify that driver’s feel on the inside with aluminum pedal covers, carbon fiber interior, and blacked-out braking calipers and front grille. If you want to make the MKZ your own and customize it to your liking, you now have more opportunity to do that.

In terms of technology, the infotainment system gets a welcome upgrade with Ford’s latest version of its Sync interface. This newer connectivity is balanced by new buttons and knobs for the audio and climate controls to replace the touch-sensitive surfaces in the previous model.


There are also updates to the adaptive cruise control, collision-warning and self-parking systems.

Overall, the new MKZ offers a lot to check out over the previous year. We expect to receive it in the summer of 2016, so feel free to keep up with us here and on Facebook as we wait.

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