The 2015 MKC: Design


This week, Leith Lincoln would like to showcase some of the finer points of a car that we are all very excited about. We present to you Lincoln’s first luxury crossover, the 2015 MKC.

We start, as it only makes sense to, with the design. From blueprint and concept to beauty and form, the MKC appears in space as it does on the page, as though wrought by an artist. The grille shines on the face, two wings in tandem with striking, high power headlamps. Available in nine colors, its bold exterior carries over to an interior that is the pinnacle of comfort. Leather-trimmed seating is accented by available wood-paneling inserts. Truly, none will be able to compare to the precedent of luxury set by the MKC.

The 2015 MKC will arrive on showroom floors next summer. If you’re interested in this vehicle, leave a comment, email us at, or contact us at Leith Lincoln.

The 2015 MKC: Design was last modified: December 29th, 2014 by Leith Lincoln


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