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Lincoln Partners with Harman Revel for Superior Sound

Lincoln likes to focus on art both when designing and discussing the vehicles in its lineup. Art serves as both something to be inspired by and something to aspire to. Lincoln designers can draw from visual art, architecture, and even music. That last one provides more of a challenge when it comes to tempering the […]

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2015 Lincoln Navigator: Enhanced and Refined

With word that an all-new Navigator will be coming sometime in the 2017 model year, it can be easy to overlook how excited we are for the 2015 Navigator that will be arriving in our showroom soon. In many ways, the Navigator created the luxury SUV segment, and it has remained in the Lincoln lineup […]

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Long Live Lincoln: $5 Billion Investment in New Platform

In the spirit of Halloween, let’s tell a scary story. The United States is in a period of extended economic decline. The market is in freefall. The automotive industry is crashing harder than a six-year-old that just ate all of their Halloween candy in one night. Something has to be done. Auto groups start dropping […]

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