Sunset on Tax Break for Business Vehicles

Small business owners, take heed: a very useful tax break that you may or may not be aware of is expiring at the end of this year. Currently, Section 179 of the United States tax code allows you to write off the purchase of large vehicles and SUVs. The cost of these purchases can be […]

How to Defrost Your Windshield in 7 Steps

As of this morning, it’s safe to say that winter is upon us. Many of you were probably caught off guard like us, rushing out the door today only to be greeted with an icy sheen across your car’s windows. Turning your car on and working yourself into a frenzy with the ice scraper is […]

Lincoln to Bring Back Buttons Starting With 2015 MKC

In this day and age, physical buttons are disappearing from cell phones, and tablets are silencing the clickety-clack of laptops that once rang throughout cafés and living rooms. It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if they started putting touchscreens in elevators, which would totally take the fun out of pressing all the buttons […]

Start Your Engines: Leith Career Night

Leith is looking for someone like you. We’re looking for someone who is talented and dedicated. Someone diligent, someone willing to improve and grow. Somebody who knows they can do better, who deserves better than their current job. We’re looking for someone who wants to shine. Leith has an opportunity for you. We want to […]

The Blog You Can Trust

Hello and welcome to the new blog for Leith Lincoln of Raleigh. We are revamping our blog to give you unprecedented access to our community. You will get to meet our tight-knit family of dedicated staff members and our top-of-the-line selection of certified Lincoln vehicles. Not only that, but you will be able to stay […]

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