Film Uncovered: The Artisans of Independent Films

While the Academy Awards and the year’s greatest films are still on our minds, let’s take a look at Lincoln Now’s latest feature on the Artisans of Independent Films.

We’ve already established that art and artisans are something highly valued in the framework of the Lincoln Motor Company. Film in particular is something that Lincoln is passionate about, and the subtext of this feature says a lot about why that is. Creativity is often measured on an individual basis as the product of one mind or the result of one person’s endeavors. Listen to what the individuals interviewed in this video have to say about that, though. Read about what they said matters to them.

Film making is one of the best examples of collaborative art. It only works out when all members of a cast and crew come together to create something meaningful, and it’s only meaningful when it moves an audience. It takes a writer to give the actors lines, it takes a director to extract the vision from the writer’s script, and it takes gaffers and costume designers and makeup artists and sound mixers and so many more people to turn all of it into a scene. Then the audience has to experience the film to be moved.

Film and cars are so alike. Just like films have so many moving parts and so many of them are people, so do cars have engineers, artisans, designers, and fabricators who all must work together to create a finished product that is not just a product. It’s a work of art. It’s a means of motion meant to move you. You, the audience.

If you watched the Academy Awards last night and you listened to the acceptance speeches, you know that the film makers do not spend their minute congratulating themselves. They run out of breath trying to thank all of the other people that made it possible for them to be standing on that stage, holding that statuette.

Every time you get in your Lincoln and start the car, you can imagine us doing the same, trying to thank each and every one of you out there on the road.

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