Neil Was Right: Lincoln Continental Concept Revealed

Last week, Autoblog reported that an anonymous “web snooper” had uncovered a hidden page on the Lincoln Motor Company website with new marketing language and references to a Lincoln Continental Concept. There were no pictures at the time of the leak, but there was a prompt for visitors to “Follow us forward.”

Now you can do that.

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Lincoln has made the news official: an all-new Lincoln Continental Concept will be on display at the 2015 New York Auto Show this week, but the car has been revealed in full this morning. What’s important to realize about this car is that Neil Young was right.

What’s actually important is that this is all Lincoln. This is no remolded Ford Taurus. It’s pure Continental from front to back. Those who have just gotten used to the split-wing grille will no doubt notice its absence from this concept model. It’s unclear at this time whether the rest of the Lincoln fleet will adapt to the more classical grille administered to this concept, though that is usually the way of things. It certainly wouldn’t be a downgrade. The vibrant LED headlamps, which imitate the Lincoln star badge, are also stunning and reportedly feature laser-powered high-beams.

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Perhaps the bigger story comes inside, where the four-seater Continental makes its intentions very clear for an affluent audience. An astounding fifty patents were taken out on the thirty-way adjustable seating in this car, and rear passengers have access to tray tables, champagne storage, and tote bags. Materials include Venetian leather, Alcantara suede inserts, and wool carpeting. The whole vehicle has a cool blue and chrome color motif that perhaps makes more of a statement than the classic tuxedo black.

leith lincoln raleigh

Some are looking at this car and predicting an end to the MKS, but we aren’t so certain. It’s evident that the production version of this vehicle will be the luxury equivalent of a halo car, targeting such models as the S-Class and the long-wheelbase 7 Series. Presented with enough bespoke options, this new Continental could even tread on the turf of ultra-lux marques from Goodwood and Crewe. It remains to be seen.

All we know about the powertrain at the moment is that a 3.0-liter V6 EcoBoost exclusive to the Lincoln brand will sit under the hood. An AWD drivetrain seems likely given recent trends, but we’ll have to hope for more comment on that at the NYAS in the next couple of days.

Until then, we suggest you visit Lincoln’s website where the Continental page is now live, showing off some glorious HD images. We’ll also embed some b-roll footage below. The Leith Lincoln blog is here to bring you all the latest updates on our patron brand, so stay tuned for more news.

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