The Untold Millions We Lose From Too Many Parking Spaces

Space is money. That’s the bottom line from University of Connecticut researchers who examined the money that cities leave on the table when they add parking spaces instead of parking decks and neglect to upgrade their public transportation. The logic is simple: an empty patch of asphalt generates far less revenue than a building with […]


Need More Collisions? Follow These Steps!

1. Work yourself into a frazzled state Become so one with your emotions that you lose all calm. Your goal is total emotional agitation. Too worked up to finish a complete sentence? Good. Can’t open a bottle of water? Better. Adrenaline coursing through your body? Best. 2. Don’t check if it’s the right day Now […]


So There Aren’t Any Benefits to Premium Gas?

It’s an old wives tale, friends (or perhaps old car guys tale would be more apt). This is a rumor with the resilience of a garden weed or a cockroach. It constantly pops up as people stand at the gas station and decide to give their car a treat: “No regular gas for you today, […]


The Solution to Traffic Is to NOT Add More Lanes

Because North Carolina is widening the southern stretch of I-40 that runs to Cary, we wondered: will adding more lanes reduce traffic? This is important because the population of the Raleigh-Durham-Cary area is expected to double in the next 10 years. Many people say that the only way to handle that traffic is to add […]


Wait, Is Waiting to Merge Later the Efficient Thing to Do?

Recently we’ve come across opinions about the best way to merge into traffic from the News & Observer, Lifehacker, Ars Technica, and The New York Times. Specifically, the question is what to do when traffic is congested and you’re in a lane that is ending. Should you try to merge immediately, even if there are […]

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